Definitions of GRACE: 305819_10150393549449557_1054827432_n

1) Unmerited favor and love of God

2) Elegance, beauty of form manner or method

3) Pleasing quality

4) Favor or Goodwill…


However, this Grace is most likely none of those things (I do aspire to achieve my name’s meaning, but alas! It is but a dream)

I’m now a graduate school student!!! Yay, me! I decided to stay in Chiang Mai, Thailand and attempt my Masters’ degree in Tourism Development at my old uni. Actually, I guess you could say I’m a double graduate student, because not am I only doing that, I’m also doing another Master’s degree extension program with an American university in Religious Education.

Over-achieving? Kinda…

Brilliant? No..

Crazy? Partly…

So asides from starting this life chapter in higher education,  housework (which is a disaster!), and mentoring and sometimes mothering two teenage girls (Not mine!).

Grace Wonders would still most likely cover my life’s adventures and misadventures and the random anecdotes about my two little munchkins! (Mind you, they’re both taller than me, but I love them nonetheless!) 😀 Many of my posts would also be random thoughts that come up to me during my days that would just leave me wondering and thinking… (Though it’s mostly to no where in particular. Nor would they necessarily be deep or meaningful.) But just thoughts and wonders… Because hey! This is a great big world we live in and we are creatively-designed, complex creatures capable of thought, so why not wonder?

Welcome to my journey in this cyber-world outside facebook and pinterest and witness the roller coaster ride I encounter along the way… Hope you’ll have fun with me!




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