Greeting the Year of the Horse with a Roasted Pig

Hi there!

It’s been a long while since I last posted, but I’m sure as you all have surmised, I’ve all the excuses on the book down. I was busy, uninspired, had writer’s block, and had not had anything worth sharing (at least nothing nice).

Honestly, this past Christmas season kinda sucked as my little brother did not make it home for the holidays! 😦  (Yes, sorry for the constant rants and repetition, but I will continue to fume about it because I still have not gotten over it!)  *Grrrrr passport-making people!!! Yes, I meant you!* So I decided to drown my sorrows in retail therapy and went a bit cray-cray on the Christmas shopping!  (Rest assured, I am not broke nor am I in debt, but my bank account did feel a significant dent :P) But they’re right, you know. Retail therapy really does wonders! And watching the faces of my little munchkins opening their presents helped me get over my holiday slump and gave me tons of reason to smile over the holidays.

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Asides from their happy faces, I had to constantly remind myself that while Christmas is a time for family and presents, the core of it is Jesus and I had to celebrate that fact in its purest form as the frills of a complete family gathering didn’t work out this year. It wasn’t easy, but as you can see, God uses the unexpected to help us shift our focus on Him and reminds us of the goodness His blessings always bring. So while we’re one short, my family was able to push through the most tearful Christmas yet and celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior with our closest friends who have become a part of our family here in Thailand.

So while we ended 2013 on a sad note and started the year of the Horse on that said note, the family decided, in true Filipino fashion, to just overcome this hurdle with what we do best: eat!

I’m not into zodiac stuff, but I just had to put the roasted pig on the heading, because well, that’s how I started 2014, with a home-made roasted pig, or as we Filipinos call it “Lechon”.

I christened her, Ms. Piggy International 2014 :)

I christened her, Ms. Piggy International 2014 🙂

To celebrate the new year, my parents decided it was time for us to go back to basics and touch base to our Filipino roots. That meant a total swine-stuffing shindig at our backyard. Which pretty much went like this:

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Sadly, I did not participate in any part of the ‘pork-poaching’ process. Instead, I assigned myself to the documentation assignment and cake duty, which many have seen, my new original creation:

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We had a great spread to commemorate the beginning of 2014.

FIESTA!!! Or as we Bisayans say, Pista!!!!

FIESTA!!! Or as we Bisayans say, Pista!!!!


Personally, 2013 could probably be best described as the year of the emotional hullabaloo, which had quite a lot of scenes that involved me crying quite buckets-full of tears. From visas problems, to girl issues, to overworking, and turning 25, it was a bumpy ride. But as God continued to show me His un-ending faithfulness and grace, I’m still fairly optimistic for 2014.

I truly hope and pray that 2014 will be a year with tons of fun and adventure and that you might be able to witness the crazy curve balls life and God would throw my way!

Happy 2014!

Lots of love,



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