An Asian-Inspired Lunch

I suppose technically, I should write up East Asian-Inspired Lunch since the dishes I cooked for lunch today were all Chinese/Taiwanese-inspired dishes rather than other parts of Asia’s eclectic cuisine like Filipino, Sri-Lankan, Indian, Thai, etc…

But yes, last night, my little Hipster found what Thais call “Mee-Yok” or Jade Noodles (Rice Vermicelli) at the local super market. Now apparently, these things are hard to find so my momma picked up a pack. Now I’m picky about my Asian noodles, but I must say I love these green noodles! Especially when stir-fried. Never cooked them in my life, but my mouth was watering at the thought of them this morning.

a.k.a. Jade Noodles

a.k.a. Jade Noodles


So as you can see, I convinced the little Hipster to figure out how to make it (she called her old nanny who lives hours away to learn how) and whip it up for me. Typically, people eat these noodles with like a boiled dish. However, I practically screamed “STIR-FRIED!!!” So I thought what would be good with this?

A couple of days ago, after my Orange Chicken post, I went browsing and found a recipe for the Taiwanese Three Cup Chicken on Simply Vicky‘s blog. Again, I had the same problem as earlier where I didn’t have all the right ingredients, but conceptually, her recipe helped me out a lot! While mine probably tasted nothing like hers, she was quite the inspiration! So I made my own form of  Three Cup Chicken.

Also while at the grocery store this morning, trying to decide what to eat with the noodles, (I haven’t fully sold myself to making the Chicken yet) I grabbed a pack of pork sirloin and and just cleaned, chopped and stir-fried it with olive oil, Japanese Spring Onions, oyster sauce and Char Sui sauce (dunno what that is, first time to use it. We got it at the Asian sauce aisle and it is good I must say), and it was a happy surprise!

I will honestly admit to you that I wouldn’t know what to call any of my dishes since I doubt they’re fully Chinese/East Asian, but they’re definitely inspired and cooked with classic ingredients that celebrate quintessential Asian flavors and we had a great lunch!


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