Home-made Orange Chicken

Yesterday, I talked about how much I wanted to bake.

Unfortunately, we’re out of butter…

And Chocolate Chunks…

And Cream Cheese…

And Cream…

And I think Baking Powder too…

So in other words, no baking for me. 😦 However, I try not to let that dampen my mood, so I made do with what we got: Meat! Specifically, chicken! If you must know, one of my favorite food that I miss in America is the local Chinese restaurants’ Orange Chicken.

I know! I know! It’s ironic how there’s no orange chicken in Asia!!!

So I figured, hey! Let’s give it a shot. And mind you, BEAUTIFUL!

Orange Chicken

Grace-styled Orange Chicken

As much as would love to share the recipe for this, I pretty much eye-balled the whole process.  I can tell you though that the sauce was a mix of orange juice, soy sauce, vinegar, oyster sauce, ketchup (a tad bit), ground black pepper and a bit of water when it was too rich.

I’m still planning to bake sometime soon! So keep your eyes out! It’s gonna be EPIC! Whether it would be an epic success or failure has yet to be determined, but we shall see… we shall see…


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