A Tale of Two Pairs of Shoes

A pair with a story

A pair with a story

So this weekend, my little Hipster’s old nanny came up to Chiang Mai to visit her and her (the nanny’s) daughter. During lunch, we asked them if they were  going out today and they said yes, they needed to buy her daughter (we’ll call her “N”) a new pair of sneakers for school.


Now please understand, N goes to the same university I went to for undergrad and even now for grad school. However, this school gets just weird as it takes uniform-wearing rules to new heights. While wearing uniform in college is common (even a form of pride) in Thailand, my alma mater takes freshman orientation/initiation to extremes. Nothing incriminating, I assure you, but it’s enough to drive anyone batty!  From bag colors to types of undershirt to hairstyles to hair tie! It’s insane. So of course, shoes are included in this list of conformity. For Physical Education and casual uniform, first year students have to wear the black sneakers together with their usual ensemble. Mind you, you can get ones for very cheap ($10!), like the pair shown, but the agony! When I bought that pair (fitted perfectly!) 5 years ago, my leg muscles cramped up after less than an hour of wearing it. I don’t know why most people are fine with it, but not me!  I think I’m allergic… -_- ;;; So I chucked that pair in its box and hid it under the bed never to be seen again, more or less remembered. Though my mom did took it out from under the bed a few months back and kept it in the store room.


So when N said sneakers, I thought of my old pair (the ones that I’ve actually worn during my freshman days). They weren’t in terrible shape, but they well-worn. I figured I’ll just find it and let her decide if it was still considered wearable. In my quest, I found a very-dusty old pair of well-branded black pumps that I had to buy for an internship a couple of years ago. I wore it for less than 6 weeks and I knew I was never going to wear them again, but I didn’t want to throw them away. They were rather pricey!  So I called N and asked her to try them out and lo and behold, perfect fit! A minute or two later, my mom came out of our (rather disorganized) store room and claimed, “it’s on top of the pile!” all the while carrying out the shoe box. And yes, that pair was a Cinderella fit too! And unlike the pumps, these were worn twice! Once when I was trying them on and the second when it gave me cramps!

So we asked N if she wanted them and yay, she did! I like to believe that we had an awesome win-win deal this afternoon! N got 2 new pairs of shoes. I think her mother was rather pleased that she didn’t have to spend on a new pair of sneakers. My mother was glad that these two pairs of old shoes wouldn’t be wasted away and I’m super happy that our over-crowded store room is one item less!

I like to think that this was a God-given moment, an opportunity in which we we were given the chance serve and help others in unexpected situations. And I suppose that is why, I thought I’d share this little story to you today!



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