Fossil Cookies

Have you heard of Pinterest?!

If you must know, I adore Pinterest! It’s a site with great ideas and at times such as these, it’s a life saver!

I substituted for a Pre-K class at my alma mater today and it was tons of fun. The great thing about their homeroom teacher was that she was thoughtful enough to ask me what I wanted to do. I don’t know what got into me, but the first thing that popped on to my head was “FOSSIL COOKIES!” I’ve been itching to make them since I saw them on pinterest, but I never found the time.

At first, I thought of making sugar cookie dough as suggested by the pin. Fortunately, my mom had left-over chocolate chip cookie dough, I didn’t have prep anything for today! I just brought my ukulele and some books I borrowed from the school library (The Jazz Fly in case you were wondering… ) which tied in very well with the theme of ‘musical bugs’.

If you have kids between 3-5 years old, this activity is perfect. All you need is ready-to-bake cookie dough (any flavor, just as long as it’s for drop cookies), plastic insects and other utensils you would need for baking. I only had enough for two small scoops (or one large scoop) for each child. The amount of dough you have would determine how long this activity would last for your youngsters. 🙂

So lo and behold, shots from our attempts at the Fossil Cookies



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