Brunch at the Art Cafe

The Thapae Gate is probably one of the more well-known gate on Chiang Mai’s ancient moat. Not only is it the entrance to the famous Sunday Walking Street , it can pretty much count as the entrance to the actual city district.

Now one of my favorite things about Thapae Gate is not the weekend market (yes, much to the shock of the general population), but a hidden nook just before the gate from the Nawarat Bridge. Why? You ask. I shall tell you. The soi is a home to not one, but TWO used book stores! I’ve gotten A LOT of good deals from both Gecko Books and Backstreet Books. While they have a great collection of new books, they have tons of old publications, as well. When I was a freshman in college, this was my escape route when school culture became too overwhelming. I get my books cheaply, get back to my dorm room and lose myself to another world of adventure and fantasy that is found in books. So if you’re an avid book lover, this is the place to be!

Now last but not least, on the corner opposite the bookstores is a place called the Art Cafe. While little can be said for the decor (it’s actually rather dark and dreary), there is one thing that I really love about this place, and that would be the Breakfast Enchiladas with home-made ground beef patties with a side of refried beans and Spanish rice (which I’m not 100% sure is Spanish Rice, but it’s great, nonetheless! LOVE!!! I think the waiter probably already knows that this is the only thing I would order from this place. They did have good pancakes and waffles, but I’d only order that when I have someone to share it with. What can I say, those Enchiladas are GOOD!

Breakfast Enchiladas with ground beef patties and a side of re-fried beans and Spanish rice :) DROOL

Breakfast Enchiladas with ground beef patties and a side of re-fried beans and Spanish rice 🙂 DROOL


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