Tea at the Vieng Joom On

For a free day, I had a fairly busy day! I was on quest to look for an antiquated (okay, maybe just out of print) book around Chiang Mai. Coming up with nothing, I decided to head home, rather defeated by the challenge. Surprisingly, mommy dearest gave me a call and told me that they (my parents) were planning on a quick jaunt during their lunch break to get some dessert. Being the lovely daughter that I am, (not really :D) I joined in! ^_^ We decided to head off to the  Vieng Joom On Tea House. And what fun!

My dad’s never been one to be excited to go there. The last time we went (years ago), he found the portions way too small! While their servings a rather ‘dainty,’ they are quite scrumptious!

We only had an hour or so, but we had a great time, eating, chatting, and taking photos. What I love most about VJO is their decor. It’s PINK!!! And I love pink! Though now that I think about it, I guess I understand now why my dad doesn’t care much for the place either (My brother would probably shoot me if I drag him there…) While extremely feminine, I wouldn’t call it tacky. Yea, while closely described similarly as Madame Puddifoot’s, it’s really nice. (At least in my girly perspective 🙂

But if  I understood it correctly, the tea house’s name means the “Pink House” in the old Northern Thai language. So I guess, if we’re going for the name, it works! Thankfully, the pink is only mostly scattered in the tea house’s indoors. The outdoor patio has riverside tables and lounges. While they are ideal during Asian winter seasons, it is a definite NO for summer!

So yea, it was fun! Hope if you ever come by Chiang Mai, you could drop in at VJO! It’s really one of those hipster places to be! 😀


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