The Cupcake Diary

I have not given up! I’m still working on that dream, this time by working on my cupcake recipes. I’ve got myself new muffin tins/cups and got into baking! I must say, the cupcakes turned out lovely!

And as I found time to dabble with frosting, I was able to make not one, not two, but three different cream cheese frostings which I am most proud of! One is the classic cream cheese frosting, the other two, while both their bases are cream cheese, one is a double chocolate frosting and the other is peanut butter.

Yes, I most likely still have to work on my presentation (especially the peanut butter one), I’m quite proud of my accomplishments for the holiday 😀

So what do you think? With these sort of success, am I moving forward towards my dream bistro business?


Til next time,



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