To Fall In Love…

Happy New Year!
I know it’s already a day late and I’ve already broken my “very vague” New Year Resolution of updating more often, but as I always, I shall quote the cliche, “Better late than never!” So here it is! My first update of the year! (Technically, second since I just posted a random thought a few minutes ago…)

Now you may wonder what is up with this post’s title and perhaps whether or not I fell in love this past month and a half that I have disappeared from my blog. Not to mention, I just posted a random thought on the same topic a few moments ago. Sadly, it isn’t so… It actually has to do more with the infamous “New Year Resolutions” themselves. A few days ago, our pastor mentioned the Top 10 New Year Resolutions people make (according to, in which number nine on that list includes falling in love…

I don’t mean to start 2013 off on a skeptic start, but how do you resolve to fall in love if your other half is not meant to appear this year? Do you expect to fall in love with anyone this year for the sake of falling in love or for the sake of crossing something off your list? While I assume that there is a high possibility that 98.9% of human beings that make resolutions don’t achieve any in the first place, shouldn’t resolutions be something one should set achieve? “Falling in love shouldn’t be an achievement. It should be an inexplicable, spontaneous moment that is based on trust, respect, passion and fuzzy feelings.” At least, that’s my opinion of falling in love… And yes, I just quoted myself.

All that being said, I should let you know, I’ve never fallen in love. At least not like in the movies… Infatuated, yes, but that, no. So yes, what should I know? However, as a forever-observer of people and relationships, not to mention an avid cheesy-romance-novel-reader, and a self-proclaimed expert on Disney princesses, I say I’ve got some (okay, fine,  A LOT of) thoughts on this sort of things. Love in itself isn’t something that can be measured or explained. It is powerful and timeless. Love is not the romance or the passion (yes, I just contradicted myself too!), but it is that one ‘oomph’ factor that is left when all else fails. Love is when a parent disciplines his or her child, or when a sibling forgives another, or when a friends stays even when all hope is lost.

I’m sure you’ve heard some people saying stuff like, “I don’t love you anymore.” I always wanted to wring anyone’s neck whenever I hear that crap. Personally, I think that just mean you never loved that person in the first place. Love is still there even if the passion is gone. Love is sticking through thick and thin. It is based on faith, trust, respect, communication and commitment.

Strangely, though true to my usual self, I have ranted off topic.

The point is, while that is the nitty-gritty of love, I think the chick-flick version of love can still be beautiful. The goosebumps, secret smiles, and toe-curling kisses people write about still hold moments that shouldn’t be disregarded. Therefore, one shouldn’t count falling in love as an achievement or a goal for the new year. If anything, hope for it to be this year’s blessing, a blessing that could last for many years to come, a blessing that can turn into a relationship that becomes immeasurable, inexplicable, powerful and timeless. Sure, something that pure and magnificent can’t exactly exist in human relationships. But thankfully, God’s love is just that. I just need to be the one to fall more deeply in love with Him. Hmmm… I guess, that could be a more specific New Year’s Resolution.

And while I am still very skeptical, I’m still holding out for falling in love like the movies though… 🙂

I think I just confused myself… Way to start off 2013, huh? 😀

Either way, HAPPY NEW YEAR!




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