Chasing that Dream… Part 2

It was a last minute decision, but last Friday, I called the church office and asked if I could sell some of my baked goods at the church Gift Fair today. Traditionally, it is when different ministries bring in and showcase their different products and handicrafts to sell for Christmas presents. Food isn’t normally for sale.

At the same time, y’all can probably guess how I get shy and awkward I get when it comes to the sales of my baked goods. I like my stuff! But I also believe in people’s different opinions, therefore I never knew what to say to potential customers. If anything, I don’t think I even have a sales pitch for that matter.

But God answers prayers and we were given a table to set up and sell! And did we sell!

I was so happy! I’d like to think more and more people know about my baked goods. I think people picked up my little ‘business cards’ well enough. I managed to earn some profit, in which part of it is already going to my ‘mission trip funds.’ If anything, I’d say I learned a lot today.

Chasing this dream is hard work, but with passion, focus, determination, discipline, (CORRECT) calculations, and lots of prayers, it’s all rather worth it! Still tons more work to go, but another hurdle has been passed. I got some PR opportunities, I learned how promote my products and just have fun while doing business! Chiang Mai Community Church: Success! Next target: THE WORLD!!! ^_^

Okay, fine! I guess the rest of Chiang Mai is okay too! đŸ™‚

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