Confidence in Consistency

Most people say that “Practice makes perfect.” True, but I’m not much into perfection. If anything, there is nothing in this world that is perfect. Sure, there are things that are pretty close to perfection, but then again, perfection is over-rated and opinions vary in a wide range of degrees. So when some years ago, I heard a similar saying, I find that “Practice makes Permanence” makes more sense than the first quote.

By doing something over and over again, your body learns to memorize certain actions. There’s a scientific and psychological explanation for that, but seeing as how I barely scraped by science and how I almost failed psychology miserably, I won’t go into the technical details of that. But as we see everyday, writers who write daily become better writers, musicians who practice hours and hours on end become exceptional. Though some people have certain gifts and talents, practice has to be done to hone and polish any given skill.

As for me, it comes in the form of this beautiful scone! πŸ˜€

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned how much trouble I have following recipes. I’m more into eye-balling and substituting ingredients when necessary. For this scone recipe, however, I’ve been quite successful and consistent. Therefore, out of so much trial, but fairly little error, I can say that I’m quite confident to “approve” this recipe on my Dream Menu list.

The lesson of this scone in particular is that by doing something again and again, I become more and more confident in my own skills as a baker. I’m no Martha Stewart or Pioneer Woman. I’m just a girl with big dreams, just a young woman who likes to bake and and just someone who’s looking for my own entrepreneurial drive for success.

Again, I’m still far off from the goal, but this scone shows me that I’m still on track. The consistency in my own skills are serving to boost my confidence, giving me the push to move forward. While I still have a lot of recipes to work on, at least I can say that I’ve passed the first step. I’m now going on the second one.

Thanks for dropping by! Hopefully next time, you can see my progress! πŸ˜€


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