A Ten-Year-Old’s Ultimate Artwork!

I admit! I accept defeat! There’s a reason why I have not made either of my parents a birthday card or father’s/mother’s day card or any sort of card in at least the past 5 years! I totally suck at it! Let me rephrase that. My card creations are absolute masterpieces! Of a ten-year old!

I made my little munchkins make cards last weekend for my dad’s birthday. My Sassy munchkin made one that definitely fitted her age!

The Colors of a Middle-Schooler (For those without the creative eye, the Yellow Ovals on the right hand side are grilled bananas)

And the vernacular of one, as well!

Be that as it may be, this card screams out the giver’s creativity, personality and most importantly, AGE!

My Savvy munchkin also outdid herself and made a card that oozes out creativity and fun!

She refuses to have the standard “rectangular” card! 🙂

With words that jerk tears in our eyes. (Sassy munchkin asked loudly, “Didn’t uncle cry reading this!!!??” )

How could something so colorful make me so teary!?

Mine on the other hand… I wouldn’t say it’s dreadful. Just something no 20-something should ever claim as one’s own. But since this is one of those UBER rare occasions I actually made a card, might as well post it out as a reminder of this special day where I make a card for my dad cuz I love him THIS MUCH!

With the help of my childhood friends who have been with me for the past 20 years!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!


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