The Last Leg

There’s a saying that goes along the lines about “finishing the last leg of the race…” My question is, why is “the last leg” so hard!?

Every single time I start on something, no matter how interested or disinterested I am with the project, that last part, those tweakings and finishing touches always drive me crazy and completely stressed out! (You know you’re stressed out when you are sleeping and you dream about not being able to fall asleep!)

Anyway, today’s rant is brought to you by my research paper, my final thesis that can bring my undergraduate education to a close. I’ve gone through 3 and a half years of crazy in Maejo University and I am ready to take the next step forward.

Unfortunately, here I am! Stuck! My paper’s more or less put together. I only need to edit according to the suggestions made by my patient and ever-awesome adviser, but alas! I’ve been putting the revision off for at least a week now! You know when your putting things off, it’s when you would gladly do your household chores, or apply for grad schools (or blog) instead of working on it.

But now that I’ve expressed my frustration, I will now go back to my editing. I’m so close! Let’s just hope I pull through!


I will pull through! I will finish this last leg!


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