The things society forgot to teach

Most of today’s society have emphasized the significance of being and having the best: to be the best in class, to have the best grades, to win the best trophies, to snag the best jobs, to live in the best homes, to drive the best cars and to tell the best stories.

However, it has forgotten to teach our children to be better: to be a better person, to be a better student, and to be a better friend. We’ve emphasized the gold and the competition, but we pass over the discipline, the ¬†integrity, the hard work and the honesty that make us better people that can create better societies that can withstand pain, suffering and evil.

Enlarging the importance of being the best is a noble deed. However, it can also disillusion us, enabling us to hide that deep human selfishness behind the glory that high status can offer.

Yes, we should continue on teaching the children, the future generations to continue on striving to be the best they can be, to meet their full potential. But we should never overlook the lessons of honesty, hard work, integrity and discipline as those are key to a better society.

We can’t all be the best, but I truly believe we can all definitely be better.

And with better people, we can create a better world.


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