Letting Circumstance Drive…

Today was a ‘bleh’ day for me, if I must be honest. I had my Economics mid-term exam in which my brain was slowly fried and burned for three straight hours. I came home, had lunch and wallowed for an hour or so, pinning, watching some Ellen clips (which gave me quite a few laughs) and waiting for the kid I was going to tutor to arrive.

While I was giving the kid a break from lessons, I decided to pop some left over cookie dough in the oven so we could have something to snack on. I was using the pan for 20 cookies. However, as I filled up the pan, I noticed that the left over dough could make up two cookies. I know that it would be useless to get another pan (another thing to wash) or put the dough back in the fridge (cuz really, who bakes two cookies?!) until I remembered seeing pictures of  Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie for One (especially the one by Picky Palate) these past couple of weeks and within seconds, I was hooked.

So with a few minutes to spare, I grabbed two ramekins and stuffed them with the cookie dough:

Ready for the Oven…. I mean Microwave 🙂

A minute or two later, at medium heat microwave temperature:

It’s a miracle!!!

Top it with a scoop  of ice cream, or two or three, depending on the type of day it is and you get:


And it was so good!! All soft and gooey that melts away this morning’s stress levels ^_^


This baby was gone by the time my 20 cookies finished baking… I still loved those too, though. Those I stuffed with some Reese’s chunks. ^_^

Now, making this was based more on a snap decision. I’ve been planning to do this “someday,” but I always knew in the back of my mind that that someday would be in the far-future due to my lazy, procrastinating habits. But there are times that instinct just moves me towards certain direction (mostly towards food, but don’t judge me) and I just go with it.

The great thing about letting this circumstance go its own way, I was able to go on a semi-therapeutic path that I’d take whatever life throws at me (or in this case, what life leaves from yesterday’s cooking) and just do it.

I’m not normally that kind of person. I think, over-think (there have been quite some time that they would move towards the wrong answers) and not do anything. But for today, I’m glad I did. I don’t know what got into me that I just took hold of a teensy circumstance and got myself a really yummy reward!

I guess it’s a big thank you to God for today’s circumstance then!



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