Baking Bread for the First Time

So I finally got around to baking bread for the FIRST TIME EVER!!! I’m uber proud of myself! Though I tweaked the recipe a bit (okay fine, I tweaked the recipe a LOT), it still came out so prettily! 🙂 By how much did I tweak it, you asked? Well, let’s just say I followed the Joy of Cooking’s recipe for “Quick Rising White Bread.” I don’t think these classify as White Bread:

Fresh from the Oven

I had a couple of mishaps, before, during and a bit after I got these babies in the oven, but they still turned out ok. The fact that it’s not white bread though was intentional. We’ve been trying to increase our healthiness levels when it comes to cooking, so I switched out a cup and a half of Bread Flour with Wheat Flour. I think my struggle was with the patience with waiting for the bread to rise…  Seriously! I didn’t expect to wait for 3 and a half hours, from start to finish to actually eat the thing! I mean really, half the ‘make the bread’ process was waiting for the yeast to rise, waiting for the bread to rise the first time so you could punch it down and shape it, and then waiting for it to rise again so you could pop it in the oven. All that waiting at least brought me to today’s life conclusion:

When one wants to learn more about being patient, bake bread!


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