Late Night Snacks at Tsibugan

A couple of our Filipino friends run a quaint little Filipino restaurant called Tsibugan here in Chiang Mai. On her facebook, around 9ish this evening, the cook posted that she just made pulburons (Tagalog for Polvorons), which is a Spanish shortbread made out of flour, sugar, and milk. This Filipino delicacy that boasts of our Spanish heritage is extremely hard (if impossible) to find here in Chiang Mai. Our friends from Singapore brought us two boxes last week when they visited and we’re attempting to make the second box last as long as next week (we finished the first box within approximately 3 days). According to Wikipedia, these yumminy-goodness are traditionally served on special occasions, such as Christmas and weddings. I’m not surprised as the cooking process seemed long, complicated and messy.

Therefore, you can understand my enthusiasm over the possibility of more Polvorons. I cajoled my dad to drive us to Tsibugan. (Yes, I still need to work on my driving skills too!)

We arrived at around 9:30 and I got this!!!!

POLVORONS!!!! I wonder if she’ll make them in different flavors too! 🙂

My first plan was to just get the polvorons and come home, but it just seemed like a waste of gas. So we got a few more Filipino meriendas or I think they are better classified as ‘desserts,’ but hey, snacks are food and they’re good!

Mango Float!

Now this was AWESOME!!! Mangoes, cream, condensed milk and pastry, what’s not amazing about that!?

Buko Pandan

Now as a personal pickiness, I don’t particularly like eating anything green (yes, vegetables especially, but I’m working on that!) But I believed my parents enjoyed it!

SOPAS! It’s not dessert, but it can definitely count as merienda

I’m not much into soup either, but this was really good!!! I definitely had more of it than I intended to! 🙂

And lastly an inspiration!

Cheese Pimiento Spread

The last time I had cheese spread, I was in my college dorm a couple of years ago. I just had to buy me a jar! Upon reaching home, I realized we didn’t have any bread. O.O;;; However, a thought or two later came to mind and I realized I can try to bake bread! Will it happen, will it not? I’m not sure, but hey I’m inspired!

Whether or not the inspiration takes hold, we’ll know eventually. Tune in tomorrow and see if I can put thoughts to actions to home-made bread!





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