The Noodle Wars

Now let me be honest, I don’t care much for Thai noodles. I find the ‘Kuaytieaw’ bland and uninteresting. I do love the Ba-Mee noodles (though still Thai, they’re more on the Chinese end). I mean if I would ever miss Thai food, this would be one of them. My favorite of these Mee Noodles are the ‘Ba Mee Moo Krob’ which are Noodles with Crispy Pork.

Now I was uber excited to take my brother to my favorite noodle shop only to be served with bland, unseasoned noodles with a few chunks of meat.


Sure it looks GOOD, but it was quite a disappointment. My college friends and I used to swear by this shop. It was our go to stop when we had a longer time for lunch. My brother was so bummed, he insisted on going to the noodle shop next door for seconds. Now that was worth round two!


Now for a dish that was less than a $1.50 each, today’s lunch was a good. Hmmm… Who knows? Maybe I might be doing these food battles again soon!


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