The Mini-Cooking School


A couple of weeks ago, my brother decided he wanted to learn how to cook, especially now that he will be getting a kitchen in his dorm for college next year. He made a short list of things he wanted to at least try. So for a good part of these short weeks, we’ve hit up around three recipes he wanted to learn.

The first one we hit was lasagna and I must say, it turned out pretty well!


Cheesy Lasagna Under Construction

Then we tried out Chicken Pork Adobo, a classic Filipino dish… It didn’t turn out so pretty, but it tasted pretty good 🙂

Chicken Pork Adobo

Some time on the first week, he invited one of the kids he was a “big bro” to from high school and we tried our hand at baking some Banana Bread:

Mashing up some ripe bananas!


Let’s not forget the Ice Cream!! 😀

The following week, we hit up Chocolate Banana Pancakes and this time, I had three sidekicks! Neither one of them know much about cooking! 😀 They made the kitchen so fun!!!

It takes three teenagers to pour the milk in the batter…

First time separating eggs!

Taking turns flipping the pancakes! So cute! 😀

They looked good and tasted great!

However, the moment I left the three unsupervised, the pancakes ended up looking like this!!!

Rearranging the salvaged pancakes…

So far, I would say those are the recipes we’ve covered so far. I’d say this couple of weeks has been a learning experience for lil bro and me. I’m teaching him how to cook, as he teaches me how to drive. >o< Yes, that’s still a work in progress… But hey! I say we still got time!

Personally, I’m still learning how to really cook myself: reading, testing, experimenting, and tasting on different food ideas that come my way. I guess, I’ll blog about that adventure in the near future!



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