After colonization…

A post or two ago, I talked about reading Fareed Zakaria’s The Post American World. I’m still not done. If anything, I’ve just finished the first half of the book. Either way, after an intense chapter on China, I found a more optimistic tone when the author states the positive edge India has over other non-Western nations. According to Zakaria, “Because of it (Britain’s bequest of the English language), India’s managerial and entrepreneurial class is intimately familiar with Western business trends, with no need for translators or cultural guides…They speak globalization fluently.”

I personally believe that it is true. India’s experience as a colony in the past is giving them the edge in the present and towards the future as it is heading towards becoming one of the fastest growing economies of the world. Their advantage in language, their familiarity with Western education, work ethics and values are allowing them to compete against other nationalities well. Despite the fact that colonization is wrong, we cannot overlook the positive footprints it leaves behind.

What about Filipinos? Colonization also gave us an edge in terms of understanding modern language and globalization fluently. What’s holding us back? I’ve heard of Filipinos talking about how colonial mentality still plays a huge role in our society. Apparently, this idea of inferiority and an influx of exporting benign (and some not-so-benign) labor resources are what prevents us from staking a claim in the global market. Are we going to let our past dictate our future?

Yes, I’m aware that as a country, the Philippines is slowly and positively growing. Tourism apparently is booming and not because of the mind-boggling budget provided by the government for promotion (No, even CNN calls our tourism campaign budget ‘on a shoe-string’) but because of the proud Filipinos using social media and networking to promote the wonders of our own country. More and more Filipinos are taking up the arms of nationalism and brushing off the dreaded colonial mentality. We’ve taken the first step, but can we prevail?

I believe so… After all that we’ve been through as a country in the past, I’m pretty sure we’re well-equipped to face the world. I always root for the underdog. And so from what I’m seeing, the Philippines is the underdog of Asia. And if we don’t succeed this time, I’m sure we, as a people, have the gall to try again…

And again…

And again…

Like the Energizer Bunny…

Cuz hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, remember?

And because colonization couldn’t kill our spirit and pride as nation, I doubt globalization will….



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