Bound by Blood

May 24, 2012

Bound by Blood

Hello Singapore! This is now a few days late because the place we’ve been staying in SG has no internet connection. (I did catch glimpses of facebook a time or two, thanks to my new team mate.)So I’ve decided to just write down thoughts of each day to remember observations that I can share with you here whenever I can. So unlike my thoughts in Taiwan, these entries would most likely be (but not necessarily) more spiritual in reflection as we are here for a Navigator’s Conference. What is the Navigators? Please click “Here”. The conference focus is to connect young Christian Asians to network, bond and grow together in our walk with Christ as leaders and future workers in His Kingdom. It’s only been Day 1 in the conference and I’m just impressed by God’s work in the lives of the young, modern Asian Christians.

The main reason why I used the word ‘blood’ in the post’s title is that I noticed that many delegates are here with a sibling, my brother and I included. This is probably the first time my little brother and I are in a foreign country together without parental guidance and by God’s grace, we haven’t fought yet! And I truly pray that we won’t. Before coming here, I suspected that we will find some friends here with their siblings, but I did not expect see as many as I did. The point of this impression is that I am amazed how God’s grace works in the family. My brother and I have our beliefs due to the strong values and beliefs of our parents. When I see our peers who are Christians and are living for Christ because of their parents’ beliefs, I see the works and promise of God in their lives.

I have been impressed by how these young people, many of whom are related to each other, are here because they know God and they have a relationship with Him. There’s a bible verse somewhere (yes, I’m not very good with memory verses either) that refers to God’s promise that ‘you’re sons and daughters will multiply and be blessed’. This went along the promise He seemed to have made to our parents. Many of the Filipino Nav delegates now are referred to as the “NavKids” (despite the fact that many of us are closer to adulthood than childhood) are the children of the Filipino Navigators of the then, a few generations ago. As I listened to the story of each person and family, I am amazed how God worked and blessed each of them both collectively and individually as they put their trusts and their lives in God. While people are familiar with the term, ‘generational sin’, I’m seeing ‘generational blessings’ in the lives of these families.

Of course that is the case with many families and values. If their parents are Buddhists, the children will most likely follow the same religion; more so for Muslims and Hindus. And if those are your faiths, then hail to you! I believe that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions because God created us to have free will.

However, in my opinion, I guess for us, when it comes to Christianity, many just think that they are Christians because that’s what their parents believed in and that they go to church every Sunday. I’m sorry, but no, you are not a Christian! If that offends you, I’m sorry to say, I’m not sorry that it offends you. Please wake up and face reality that you are not a Christian if all you do is go to church. No, a Christian is a person who has accepted Jesus Christ as the Savior and Lord of their life and that they live their lives for God’s glory.  A Christian is someone who is sanctified and purified by the blood of Jesus Christ who died on the cross to wash away our sins.

Are we perfect? Of course not!

Are we sinners? Well, duh!

We are human and just as bad as the next person, if not worse when our hypocrisy sometimes (we assure you, it’s all unintentional) takes place. But for us, in our beliefs, we accepted that we are sinners and that we do deserve to burn in hell to pay for those sins. We know that no good work will ever make up for all the mistakes we’ve committed in this lifetime. However, we accept the fact that we need a Savior who is gracious and forgiving. We need a Savior who is perfect and that Savior is Jesus Christ.

This is the other ‘blood’ that I wanted to cover in this post. Jesus’ blood washes away our sins, our guilt and our shame. We are made clean in Him when we accept that He died on the cross and that with His blood, we are as white as snow. The sins of our past, present and future has been sanctified.

Does that mean we’ll never sin again? Of course not! We’re human; we’re most likely going to make the same mistakes again and again. We’re unfortunately kinda dumb like that. (If you disagree, please read any world history book near you. They will tell you otherwise.)

Does that mean we can sin anyway since God already forgave us? No, you can’t. I don’t know how to explain the complexity of life, sin and death, but you can’t. I believe this will go to the fact that because you have accepted this great gift of salvation, you’re not going to throw it away. Like if someone gave you a really expensive gift, you’re not going to throw it on the floor and stomp on it. You will care for it and make it last for as long as you can. Will there be a time that you will accidentally drop it, lose it, and/or sit on it? Most likely, but you will always pick it up and fix it because it is something of great value to you.

So because of Jesus’ blood, we have a new life. With our faiths in Him and His grace to us, we do good works to show the world of what He has done for us. Life is not going to get easier by accepting Jesus, but I guarantee that there will be inexplicable peace despite whatever chaotic surrounding follows.

In all honesty, this last part is not included in any of the messages today. But it’s merely a brief review and to refocus as to why we are here: to grow together and to connect with each other in God and His blessings so that we can share His wonders to the rest of the world.

P.S. Just so you know, these past few paragraphs are all paraphrased from somewhere else. I hold credit to the originality of thought

P.S. Part II I wonder how many responses I can get with this post. If I do, just so you know that though I will most likely respond, I am not going to go in a long theological debate with you. Being lazy, I just can’t be bothered.


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