Denying Good bye…

Time’s almost up. I can count with one hand how many more days I have left until I leave this beautiful country. And somehow, I’m still in denial that it’s just around the corner. I’m still barricading the reality that I really have to say goodbye to the wonderful friends I have made here.

Because Mother’s Day is a couple of days away, most (just about 99.8% )of the university population have abandoned the campus area, bringing back that eerie quietness of an abandoned building. Though many people have said good bye, I still have this strong thought that I will see all of my friends again next week. I’d still see them again.

But alas, that’s not exactly the case. I’m planning to leave Sunday morning/afternoon and everyone’s coming back in the evening. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! IT’S NOT HAPPENING!!!!

I’m still in denial…

My friend and I have a busy plan for tomorrow, meaning I won’t have time to pack so I’ll have to pack tonight. Not to mention, I still have a report to finish up, but heavily postponing just because I’ve enjoyed telling myself that I still have tons of time here!

I won’t be seeing a lot of my new friends again for quite a while, if not ever… But I’m staying optimistic! I still have hopes, dreams and prayers of coming back to Taiwan, but who knows how of my friends would be here by then!!!

I love the people here! I’ve been given little knick-knacks here and there that shows how much everyone cares! I can’t believe that I have to leave!

I miss home, my rents and my lil bro, but I wish a miracle would happen that I’d see them again without having to say good bye to these wonderful people!

You’d think growing up a TCK, I’d be use to this kind of thing. Unfortunately, I’ve learned how to block out good bye feelings, leaving me with ‘awkward’ feelings when it comes to this kind of thing…

But, I’m still optimistic! Hoping and praying that I’ll get to come back soon. This place has been such a wonderful experience. I’ve grown and developed and I learned that it will always be a process of life! This is a beautiful country that I would hate to say good bye to, so yes, I guess all I will say is, until next time!



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