An attack of all things nice, sweet and thoughtful!

Have you ever been bombarded by pictures of adorable kittens, puppies and babies that you are left numbed by all the irresistible cuteness? Well, I haven’t experienced that sweet torture in a long time, but I have felt that strong feelings of joy that I still have trouble reiterating. The kittens and babies feelings are just about the closest I can get to  describing.

Why you might ask?

If you remember yesterday, I mentioned my friends were told us that they will take us out to the cafe again because it was close yesterday. I didn’t expect two other groups to join us!  What I thought would be a small party of 6 turned into a fiesta of 13!!!

Let’s Party!

We went to Chador, a little cafe that specializes in Honey Toasts and Waffles!

Waffle 1

Waffle 2

Waffle 3: Banana Nut and Chocolate Waffles!!!


No, I did not eat all that! Four of us shared 2 plates of waffle and a honey toast which was pretty GOOD! Our plates ended up looking like this afterwards:

Our version of the apocalypse…

And it wasn’t until we were winding down and got on talking that I realized (I know, I’m VERY slow) that this was a good bye feast for me!!! Everyone came to celebrate my time here and to say good bye just in case we won’t have time to see each other again for the rest of the week since I’m planning to leave in 4 days!

And, two more friends gave me laminated pictures of our time at the beach with little notes!

Sweet things that make me all warm and fuzzy inside!

We took lots of Polaroid pictures for remembrance too!

Polaroid: Photography Classic!

All these things my Taiwanese friends has done for me and the rest of the team have been so wonderful! I wish, hope and pray that I can be these kinds of amazing people when I have the chance.

I mean really, all the niceness, sweetness and thoughtfulness got me feeling nothing but warmth and fuzziness that ooze out in smiles…



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