When Life Gives You Lemons…

Wait for the Lemon Meringue Pie to come out of the oven…

You could say this afternoon started off as a series of unfortunate events. What started off as a plan to merely have waffles in town ended up a joy ride that created a memorable evening filled with laughter, excitement and joy. Now, don’t expect too much! I’m easily entertained! But with the right people and attitude, you can experience fun from the worst of situations!

We started out from the uni a bit later than we expected because one of our friends’ bike was in need of repairs. We planned on going to a famous local bakery in town, but when we got there, it was close!!! Of all days to be closed, it had to be today. So we stepped into plan B (which my friends made up on the spot), let’s try another bakery. But just as we were about to head off, another one of our friend’s bike wouldn’t start! 

Coincidentally (in a wonderful way!), a repair shop was only a few meters away. We waited for a bit while the mechanics tinkered with the bike (apparently, it needed some oil change of sorts) and after that we headed to the next bakery! And would you believe that it was close too!!!! I’m starting to think it’s “Let’s Ban Waffles” Day! And of course, I knew I just had to snap a picture to remember the misfortune!


So for plan C, we decided to go use up tomorrow’s plan to watch The Avengers. And since I’ve been dying to watch it since, well… it’s Chris Evans!!! Who doesn’t love Captain America!!?? And anyone who has seen The Losers can agree that he’s great in any action movie!!! We decided to get tickets, grab something to eat and then watch the movie. Great plan, right?

Apparently in Tainan, (I can’t speak for the whole country), but of all places to buy tickets, guess where we went? Yep! Back to mechanic!!! 

Bike Repairs and Movie Tickets Available at a Great Price!!!

We even got our tickets for NT$50 less than last time!!! And I am beyond thankful that we got our tickets there! Why? Because my friend’s bike acted up again! This time, it ran out of gas!!! So the mechanics gave her a fill that lasted her a ride to the gas station. 

So off we went to the movies, but of course something else had to go wrong! We got lost! Thank God for googlemap and 3G! We found our way to the theaters eventually! They even got waffles there!!! 🙂 

And did I enjoy the movie??? OMG!!!!! It was AMAZING!!!! It was like Christmas, Valentines and my Birthday all rolled into one Jeremy Renner!!!! DROOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, maybe I’m just biased over hot guys, action movies and comedic dialogue, but I’m so happy! 🙂

After the movie, we made a quick trip to a local walking market and they convinced me to try this!!!!


Did I like it? It wasn’t as bad as imagined it to be. Did it taste good? Pretty good! Would I eat it again? Well, I don’t think I’ll look for it specifically, but sure! Why not!? Either way, I’m proud of myself for overcoming my picky-eater habits and tried something new!

Now, when we headed to the walking street, we knew we were pushing for time since dorm would close in an hour. We got back to the university just pushing 11 o’clock. So we raced through the gates. (No unauthorized. transportation allowed in the campus area) Unfortunately, the security guard at the gate did his job and started asking us where we were going. He couldn’t speak English, we couldn’t speak Chinese, I had to guess random words that sounded like ‘no student ID’, ‘late’, ‘dormitory’ and ‘return’ with lots of hand gestures. Good thing Taiwanese friends were still at the parking lot and they came running to us and the guard and explained that we were running for the dorms. And at that note, we ran!!!!! (Note: I was in heels! I was planning to eat when I got dressed this afternoon, not sprint!) I haven’t ran like that since freshman initiation 3 years ago!!! And I know that it is so because that was broken conversation we had while my friend and I were dashing to the dorms. Oh what fun!!! And yes, though the doors were close when we got there, thankfully, I was still able to use my “I’m a foreigner” card and got in with no questions! 🙂 

So yes, the day wasn’t that tragic, but it did not go as planned either!!! But we could’ve complained, we could’ve snapped and it would’ve been worst! Instead, we kept our heads up, kept smiling and kept on forward! Because even when things don’t turn out the way we want, we’ll never know! It could turn out to be even better! 



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