Last Friday Night…

“Yea we danced on table tops and we took too many shots…”

No, not really!

But last Friday night was still tons of fun!!! I’ve been wanting to hit the dance floors here in Tainan ever since one of the girls told me that the bars here are nothing like the ones in Chiang Mai.

I’m not much of a clubber, but then again, clubs in Chiang Mai were just not something I enjoy at all. All bars I’ve been there have no dance-able music AND there’s NO dance floor!!! Apparently in Thailand, bobbing your head and swaying your body on your chair to oldies constitute as dancing. Not to mention, most bars are just loud and are too full of drunken people that aren’t really doing anything but drinking. I’m sorry, but while I can accept that drinking is a social activity, I find social interactions such as these either pointless or just downright lacking when you can’t even properly converse with the people you’re with. 

And yes, while I was itching to dance, it took quite some prodding from my friends to convince me to go. I was planning to go to Kaohsiung the next day, but in the end, I said yes. (When you see my friend’s puppy dog eyes, you’ll understand why) And so we went and I don’t regret it one bit! 

We went to the club Fusion, and we just danced all night. The music was pumped and people just had fun. And yes, despite the loud music, there was conversation going around the table! 

We stayed out late. Afterwards, since we couldn’t go back to our dorm rooms yet, we crashed at a friend’s place and since beggars can’t be choosers, we hit the floor and were out in a heartbeat! We headed back to the dorm at 8ish in the morning to take a shower (Probably the only bad thing about clubbing here, which is actually really gross, is that people smoke indoors! It was suffocating and my hair smelled like burnt charcoal for 24 hours) before the dormitory kicked us out again due to pesticide spraying. (Such bad timing!) 

The rest of the day consisted of looking for places to eat and sleep until we could get back to our dorm rooms. 

It was a fun weekend! And if we sing along to the rest of the song, then maybe:

“…This Friday night, do it all again!” 



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