An International Kind of Day

So after a few days of hiatus (or mere laziness), tons of things happen today! The day’s highlight would probably be the Tea Ceremony held in the university grounds this afternoon.

Not only were we able to witness an authentically traditional Tea Ceremony, we also watched (not to mention, perform) dances from our home countries. 

Who would’ve thought making tea would take a really long time! I know that each action and method has cultural significance and meaning to them that celebrates beauty and grace, but wow! 

I would NOT, for the life of me, remember all those steps!!!

After 3 cups, I lost count of how many rounds the lady made us tea…

So about during the end of the ceremony, the International Students from the Maejo University were requested to perform traditional dances from their home countries.

So a couple of the girls performed a Thai Dance from the central region of Thailand…

One of the guys danced a Southern Thai Dance that has heavy Indian influences…

While I, of course, had to do an adaptation of a traditional Filipino Dance, the Salakot 🙂

So busy, busy day!!! 

As expected, we were tired and starving by the end of the day. But it has been interesting, intercultural, and productive! I say, after a week of doing nothing, I might be getting my groove back on this blogging business! 



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