In which adrenaline slows down…

I think there comes a point in time in which the new slowly becomes routine. And lately (this week specifically), I feel that that’s what’s hitting me. My best guess is that it’s either the lack of school/activity due to midterm exams or pure laziness on my part. I can’t even think of something random and witty to fill up the posts! 

So tomorrow, I shall be heading out to Tainan City to go exploring! Whether or not I will find something useful is another matter.

I’ve been trying to think and reflect this past week, given how we have so much free time, but alas: nothing! I guess what they say is true! The more you exercise/move your body, the more active your mind goes. Because while my problem a couple of weeks ago were finding time to write these random thoughts, I can’t write about a single thing about any of those old drafts and notes!!!

So yes, that’s today’s ramble. Hopefully something better will come up tomorrow. 

Or I would probably try my hand at writing crime/mystery/suspense stories… I mean, after watching at least 7 episodes of NCIS today, I could probably make up my own episode! 🙂


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