The Laziness has kicked in…

Seriously, I really don’t have the motivation to update at all this past week! And it’s not like as if I don’t have time. Instead, I have all the time in the world! Unfortunately, I’ve been wallowing in lethargy for the past few days. Don’t misunderstand, I’ve been quite up and about, going around places and reading tons. It’s the updating that’s bugging me.

I would say it’s writer’s block, but I’m barely writing… So therefore, I’ll just admit it out loud and call it laziness! 

But today’s highlight is:

This ginormous burger!!! No, I didn’t eat it alone. We split it and a couple more burgers between 9 people! Though their beef burger: REAL BEEF!!! It was heavenly!

The chicken wings here at Burger Day was also amazing!!!

So, yes! Our adviser took us out for real American burgers and I’m now, one very happy girl! 🙂


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