Being a Nerd-Wanna-Be…

So I finally sucked up and braved myself into TUT’s university library. Even without a student ID, I managed to explain to the lady that I was an exchange student and that I should be able to go in!

So apparently all their foreign books were on the basement level of the building. From my discovery, compared to our collection of English books in MJU, I was in Book Heaven! Despite a confusing organizational structure, I took out a random stack (or three) of books to spend a few hours away. 

What I hoped to be a few hours, led to become a whole afternoon of reading and skimming. Oh what fun! It was a whole new world of adventure without having to spend money on anything! 

Of course, being a nerd-wanna-be that I am, I wanted to take a few more books home.

However, as exchange students, we’re not allowed to borrow books from the library. I had to call our adviser if we could borrow books on his name by using his card. And being nice and awesome, he came to the library to let us borrow his card. 

It isn’t until moments ago that I realized I’ve been making a habit of this. Back home in Chiang Mai, I would use my parents’ names to borrow books. The librarians know me so well, they would sometimes even check out my favorite books and pass them on to my parents for me. Therefore, it has come to my conclusion that libraries should just allow non-students, namely me, to borrow books from their collections. I return them in the right condition (always) and within the due dates (though that might be debatable, I have had my share of library fines 🙂

Now before most people misunderstand, as much as I love reading, I’m not much of the academic. When I read, I read for fun! I read for happy-endings and laughter. I also read to appreciate writing skills and imagination that allows me to informally study and analyze an author’s values. So no, I don’t read thesis, and academic articles or the news (unless it’s obviously necessary or just downright interesting). I believe that with so much strife and stress in the world, books should also be an escape rather than just being informative. 

Books should take you to another world, yet it should teach you and allow you to learn and grow. But I guess because of my limited preferences, I unfortunately, won’t ever count as a full-fledged nerd. 

But sometimes, one doesn’t need big words or intensive research to learn and grow. From my reading today, this poem by Shel Siverstein got me:

And you know what, it’s life lessons like this poem that really matters most in life! 



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