I’ll never be rich…

I know I’ll never be rich,

I prolly won’t ever really succeed.

Because God knows,

And I know

That I will only end up trusting me…

And from what I know,

I just can’t trust myself.

Sure, I’ve made good decisions.

I’ve stayed on the good side.

But there’s just times in life,

That I just can’t rely

In my abilities

Because I’m full of faults

Because I’m full of shit

Sometimes my fortunes

Are merely fooling me.

So listen up y’all

Because what I’m saying’s true

If I depend on me

Then I’m living life like a fool

Because why should I

Settle for something less?

When I can trust God,

Because He promises He’ll give the best!

So that’s the gospel truth!

I hope it touches you,

It has changed my life

It has changed my ways

I’m growing more and more

As His person everyday.

So maybe if one day,

I’ll win the lottery,

Or win a Nobel Prize

Or marry the one of the younger richest man alive.

I should just remember

To fall on my knees

And pray and thank the Lord

Let Him do as He pleases.

Because this life

Shouldn’t be just my own

He put me down here

To glorify His Son.

So I’ll put my faith in God

Let Him work His power on me

I’ll just be a little pawn,

Happily bowing down at His feet.

… … …

I guess I’ve been listening to too much Lecrae today… ^_^ Not that these rhymes are anywhere near his calibre!! 🙂


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