Away from home…

It is now Day 12 on my time here in Taiwan and I’m having an AWESOME time!!! Now don’t get me wrong, there are some cons in being away from home. Let me count the ways:

  1. I miss my bed… Though sleep here is sufficient enough, I miss the comforts of my mattress and the space of my bed!
  2. The dorm toilet is a TREK! Well not really… but when you got to go, running past 4 other rooms to get to the bathroom is not the most comfortable thing in life… o.o;;;
  3. Most toilets here are squatty-potties…  And it’s … I can’t find the right words to describe. It took me at least a whole week to actually use them. I had to bother my friends constantly to use their bathroom because they have a normal modern toilet. Though I’ve come to be able to accept this fact in life and I’ve used them constantly, I miss my bathroom at home!
  4. Speaking of bathrooms, I have to use my friends’ bathroom to shower. What? I just don’t feel comfortable using the dorm’s standard bathrooms. I will though! Just watch! I will! Some time next week… or next month… But I will!
  5. I’m always spending…  When you’re visiting a foreign country (especially if you don’t speak the language), you cannot NOT spend! Whether it’s food, transportation or just plain shopping, you buy things! The money I brought with me could last me about 3-4 months. After 12 days here, I’m not looking too pretty.
  6. I need more sleep…  What with early morning classes, exploring, adventures, and blogging, I’m booked full! These past few days, I’m up ends trying to write more interesting things on this blog, while starting up with my wordpress blog, GraceWonders. So far, though I’ve been more faithful to Tumblr, I barely have any responses compared to wordpress… I’m just doing my best to work on my challenge earlier this summer. 
  7. There are no non-educational English books in the near perimeter…  And by that I mean romance novels. Or maybe the library has some, but I still haven’t been that brave to venture in there. It’s huge!!! But since I don’t have a student ID and I can’t speak Chinese… The chicken me is being weird and unreasonable…
  8. I want to cook!  I mean yes, we have cooking class and it’s so much fun and educational, but I just want to just make my own food, darn it! Without having other people to impress with my semi-lack of cooking skills. And I just want to make my gooey brownies!!! 
  9. People here don’t hug!  I mean seriously! It wasn’t until yesterday, I got my first real hug! 11 days! 11 frickin’ days without hugs, no wonder I’m kinda feeling confused ! It’s not healthy! A normal person should have an average of 7 hugs a day to be emotionally healthy, did you know that? Or have some sort of comfortable physical contact! So for a touchy-feely, hugger-loving girl like me, it’s sad!!! I have just now discovered what I seriously lacked here! And that’s a hug, better yet: TONS OF HUGS!!! 
  10. I miss my mommy and my daddy! (And my little brother too!)  Please! Only people from broken, dysfunctional families don’t ever miss their parents or their siblings. And those who won’t admit that they do miss their folks are just… well, I don’t know the right word, but maybe your relationship with your parents must be lacking in something. Sorry to be blunt and mean, but really! When people are away from home, they miss their loved ones, period! 

Hmmm… This reflection thing does work. I think I’m kinda getting now why I’m feeling inexplicably funny… Oh well, 32 more days to go… Better find more people to harass… errrr… hug. 


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