Feast like an Asian…

Now to be honest, though the Philippines is part of Asia, to a certain extent due to colonization, we are more Hispanic/Western than Asian compared to our neighbors. Most common scenario, when Westerners feast, there’s always meat and meat and sugar and more meat! And this is exactly how Filipinos do their fiestas or even just house parties with friends and the family. Sometimes, it’s just mean and no vegetables! 

Therefore, it has always surprised me that most Thais when they eat out to celebrate it’s always out at MK or Shabu-Shabu or those healthier restaurants that serve vegetables! However, after catching glimpses of Asian soaps, K-Pop Music Vids, and reading way too many mangas, I realized that most Asians do feast healthily.

So when our Taiwanese friends invited us for Hot Pot tonight, I was like “Let’s Party!!!” So we headed out to A-Kuan Hot Pot in Tainan City and had a really good dinner!

For those who don’t know what Hot Pot is, you would normally order raw ingredients that you will put on a pot (or two) of soup or stock. You then pour the stuff a little at a time (or in my case, dump it all in) and wait for it to cook! Not the rice though!

And once the meat is done, then voila!

A healthy feast!

Though I still think that nothing beats meat and sugar during a party, I’m super thankful that our Taiwanese friends were kind enough to take us to town and have a fun night out!


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