An adventurous Easter away from home….

So a few months ago, I met a couple of girls who visited friends in Chiang Mai who have been living in Tainan for the past school year as Fulbright Scholars. So they were so sweet as to giving me their cards and emails to contact them as soon as I arrived in Taiwan. 

I did!

Wonderfully, the following weekend (which was this weekend) had Easter Sunday on it. And I’ve been so excited to go to church since I got here (why? I really don’t know). So first we decided that we go to the church in Kaohsiung. So the daring me convinced my chicken self to take the train ALONE to Kaohsiung from Tainan. No, it wasn’t a whimsical idea. It took a lot of planning and praying before Sunday came along. 

Thanks to my Taiwanese friends who took me to Kaohsiung last Wednesday, I was able to visualize the Taiwan train experience.

When my Thai friend convinced me to go downtown last Friday, I was able to figure out the station, the bus and the city structure to know that I can probably figure out my way back to the university. But it’s mostly thanks to my awesome adviser who woke up at 7:30 on a Sunday morning to take me to the train station so that I won’t have to go through the pains of bus travel and buying my own ticket (which could’ve been traumatizing without him!)

So according to plan, I met Karina on the Xinzuoying Station in Kaohsiung

Where we met Bekah by the MRT near the church, where she had to make to scooter trips to take us to the Bilingual Community Church in town.

It was kind of like CMCC back home. It was beautiful at the fact that they had THREE Easter Baptisms!!!! THREE!!! 


And after church, we headed to Bekah’s cute apartment to have Eggs Benedict.

And I must admit for the first time in my life I poached not one, but eight eggs!!! 8!!! Well, not really! Bekah helped out a lot especially after I got distracted with the food! 😀 What? It was soooooo good! (Mostly because of the Hollandaise sauce that Bekah made!)

Bekah and Karina planned on watching the “Passion of the Christ” just because it’s Easter, but I’m sorry! I love Jesus and all, but I really can’t stand the visual blood and gore and torture that would most likely go on in the movie. I just couldn’t. So we watched this instead:

I know! I know! I know! It had nothing to do with Easter, but since Easter should be a celebration, I asked that we watch something with a happier tone! And I thought it was good! 🙂 What else can I say? Karina and Bekah were just really nice about it! ^_^

After the movie, Karina and I hit a Taiwanese Ice Cream shop (but apparently, it’s American)

And I had my chocolate fix for the day AND my first ice cream since Lent!

We then stopped by Karina’s apartment, which was also really cute (apartments here are adorable!) and then went for some Thai food for dinner! 🙂

All in all, I got back to Tainan a little later than I planned on. But amazingly, train’s here are EFFICIENT!!!

And of course, my super nice adviser came to the station to pick me up! 🙂

I would say, this has been a great day and a truly blessed Easter! God just allowed things, people and circumstances to happen and it’s just amazing! I think I’m still astounded as to what truly happened today that it’s just really hard to explain how happy, brave and productive I feel! 

That and it’s pretty late! Early class tomorrow! So good night!

Happy Easter!!! (Belated Happy Easter, at least!)


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