For those who know me, I’m an odd kind of shopper. It’s an inexplicable love-hate relationship that comes and goes unexpectedly. Unfortunately for today, it was LOVE!!! Some of our Taiwanese friends took us to the Tainan Garden Market

Or as the sign says “Tainan Flowers Night Market”

So many things going on!!! There’s stuff from food



Stickers (or maybe wallpapers, I wasn’t quite sure!)

And tons of other stuff! It’s just like home! As you can see, I went a little bit crazy! 🙂

They say this is the biggest night market in Taiwan. Though it’s pretty big and busy, I say compared to Chiang Mai’s Walking Street, it’s got a long way to go! Though it’s not as crowded (mind you, it’s still a near sardine-type of crowded) as it is on the Sunday Market), we actually have room to try, look and buy! It’s interesting how the atmosphere of it reminds me of home, but not. And it’s hard to pinpoint the difference. I guess the closest explanation I could get to the feeling is as the cliched Chiang Mai T-Shirt goes, it’s “Same Same, but Different”


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