Urban Explorers… not really!

So at about 3:15 this afternoon, one of the guys from our exchange group called me and asked if I was interested in going to visit a museum today. I was like “Sure! When?” He answered “We plan to meet before 4 today!” Not wanting to let opportunity pass me by (as it normally does), I was ready in a heart beat. By the time I met with the guys, I realized a couple of things. 1 I didn’t know where we’re going 2 Neither of us know know the local language as back-up in case we get lost…

Hmmm… Since my compadres seem to vaguely know how to get there, we decided ‘Screw it! If we’re lost, we’re lost!’ So we boarded bus Number 5 (as they remembered) and hoped and prayed we’ll reach downtown Tainan instead of some random remote area of Taiwan. Throughout the ride, I discovered something…

Domino's Pizza!!!!

They have that here!!!!!! (Squealing fan-girl mode!)

Half an hour later, we arrived, only to find that we were on a different round-about than my friend remembered. So after a quick stop at an information center that we spotted where we got some maps

Hehehe! I know the way now!

we scourged through the busy (and somewhat scary) streets of Taiwan. After a short trek, we arrived at the National Museum of Taiwan Literature! It was beautiful! Architecturally, at least in my opinion…

National Museum of Taiwan Literature

So of course we couldn’t help but pose and take some touristy pictures!

Inside was an eclectic display of historical Taiwanese tomes and scripts, which I’m sure I would’ve appreciated more if I actually know some history! >_<;;;











After a browse through the museum (btw, it’s free!) we trudged back to to the bus station, while taking pictures and stopping by a couple of department stores along the way.

It's a busy town!

By walking around downtown, I realized I miss the city and the city lights! 🙂

City Lights!

We found the bus stop for our bus after well-thought-out guesses, broken (more like shattering) Chinese and lots of hand motions! In the end, we made our way back to Tainan University safe and able to write about this adventure!

In all honesty, we didn’t really get to see anything famous, but the experience of exploring itself would forever be noted as a fun adventure that I’m willing to try again!


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