Best Soup Ever!

So I finally had cooking class today and I love this class! The Laoshi is really nice and we made really GOOD FOOD!!! The menu today was Pumpkin Soup, Pork Cordon Bleu and Tuna-Ham-&-Cheese Sandwich! I say really GOOD because for those of you who know me, you all know how unlikely it is for  me to actually appreciate, let alone taste vegetable soup of any way, shape or form… (yes, i know that soup is liquid, I’m just saying!) but this Pumpkin Soup was AMAZING!!! I probably downed 3 bowls! Since I don’t really have the recipe, the following would be a sequence of pictures of the ingredients and the steps to make said yummy-goodness!

Ingredients (for all dishes):

Take the fat off the pork:

Pumpkin Soup 

First peel and chop all the vegetables

In a lightly heated pot, stir in about 1/4 C Butter and let it slightly melt. Once melted, toss in onions and celery:

Once caramelized, toss in the rest of the vegetables:

Add in some water and let the pot come to a slight boil:

Toss in half a stick of cinnamon and a handful of bay leaves:

Let simmer until it smells right! 🙂 Take out the cinnamon and bay leaves and pour the stock on a blender:

If there’s too much, just return some of the juices back on the pot:


And return the juice back on the pot. Add about a cup of Cream:




I’m planning to sneak in other cooking classes next week too! Heard they’re making pudding! 


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