Sneaking in Cooking Class…

So apparently, one of the benefits of being an exchange student is that we can sneak in Cooking class whenever it’s on session whenever we want!!! 😀 Talk about awesome! 

They made sushi today. I don’t know what kind. But they were GOOD!!!

The instructor was not only kind enough to let us roam around the different work stations in his class, bothering his students, but he was so nice he made me and the other Thai students those sushi-cone things!

I didn’t need lunch after this class! Just about every work station I stopped by, they were offering me their versions of the sushi they made. When they ran out of those, they would hand me leftover shrimps and seaweeds to chow on (and I’m not a shrimp person!) Talk about hospitality! 

It was a fun time to do after actual class. I wonder if I had fun just because I wasn’t actually “in class”? Either way, I’m super stoked at the fact that this school actually has their own practice kitchens! Who isn’t excited!??




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