Training Hotel

When I saw the sign, I figured sure… why not? Not knowing what to expect, I went to class utterly clueless. Day 1 in class, day 2 in town, I must say, I’m already impressed! When they say training, they mean TRAINING!

Honestly, I had no idea what the instructor was saying, but with the demonstration his assistant gave:

I managed to make 2 beds like a pro! (not really…)

Twin Size Bed

But I must say, from a segment I saw in the Amazing Race a few seasons ago, I’d say I didn’t do too shabby!

Yea, it’s a tad bit wrinkled…

Now this is how the professionals do it:

Yes, and this is the actual hotel room. The university itself has its own frickin’ hotel! How cool is that!!!??? I mean really, that’s just downright convenient.

“And now this is how you properly set up a hotel bed, let’s go downstairs…” No, that’s probably not what he said. Who am I kidding, I didn’t understand a single word the instructor said (I guess, my Chinese has far to go), but yea… We had to spend a whole day outside of Maejo Uni to actually do what we did in a couple of hours today (mind you, we probably covered the same materials), but I’m very impressed! Talk about convenient! 

If my classes are going to be this practical, then let school start! I can’t wait for more! 🙂


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