Do you have your umbrella?

Someone once said, “People pray for rain, but they never bother carry their umbrellas.” It’s an interesting statement that is just simply true! Though this is a basic statement, it simply applies to other more complex or practical wishes and prayers, as well. 

We pray for more money, but we spend what we have on things we don’t need. 

We pray for better relationships, but we take the great ones we have for granted. 

And then there are those times when the prayers come, but we’re not ready! We end up scrambling around trying to catch it and pray that we do. And if we do, we most likely missed some parts and not the whole thing. We prayed for rain, but with no umbrella, we’re just wet! 

But unfortunately, that’s me. Constantly lazing around, spending my money on junk food and romance novels, waiting for life to start. But that doesn’t mean that this could be my ending. By allowing God to work in me and transforming me, I can change. These changes are brought on because I want to be prepared for what ever tasks lies ahead of me. Everyone should be prepared. Life is already a whirlwind of events that can go from good to bad to worse in a matter of seconds. If we want to take advantage of the life that God wants for us, we have to be ready!

I can slowly change  my attitudes, my habits, my thoughts and still be me, by allowing the grace of God to work in my life. So this is my prayer. I’m praying for God to rain on me. I’m praying for rain (like literally too!). And I have my umbrella. 

Do you? 


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