21 more days!!!!

I’ve got A LOT  ahead of me these next 21 days! What happens in 21 days, you ask? I’m going to TAIWAN!!!!


I’m planning to work on my Chinese (like super work on since it’s abysmal!), eat lots of noodles, and blog daily about that trip! 

At least that’s the plan! As of now, I’ve been feeling rather lethargic… You would be too if it was gloomy and dreary outside. And no, not by clouds foreboding a thunderstorm (what i’d give for a downpour!), but by pollution! It’s ridiculous!

Somehow, this countdown also refers to the day I get out of this icky city! The government needs to take responsibility, catch the perps and pour us some fake rain!

So just a random side note today…

I need to edit that earlier challenge… I doubt I’m gonna fulfill any of that!


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