To tell a story…

I saw the Kony video today. It’s amazing to see how someone who could do so much damage in the world could still be out there. Talk about evil!

However, by watching the video, I learned that there is hope for mankind. Many times we hear people complain about how media is corrupting our youth. It’s wonderful to find this kind of communication that proves that media can inspire the future, as well. It is most impressive how this group utilizes facebook and other social networks to promote this cause for a greater good. It really proves that: 

People are good. People care. They feel and sympathies. They take action. 

This is definitely a food for thought. This is one war that can’t necessarily be won by guns and ammunition, but by unity, voice, and love. 

Because as human beings, unlike any other living thing on this planet, we have love and we can love. And it is with love that we can overcome the evil that plagues our society.


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