Inspiring Flats

THEY’RE HERE!!!! My long awaited ssekos are here!!!! I’ve been wanting them for ages and waited for weeks! And they’re here!

For those who don’t know about these savvy sandals (I’ve only just learned about them too!), they are handmade, handcrafted slippers made by young women in Uganda who are working to earn and save up for their college education. In a male dominated society, these women are given the opportunity to be in a safe working environment that offers fair wages in secure conditions. And all this was started by a young couple! Though this company is still on its earlier stages, they are growing as a sustainable and eco-friendly enterprise that helps not only a society, but the economic growth of a developing country. 

Now this is a story! An inspiring story! Ever since I’ve heard of them, I’ve been checking on their website (to drool over their flats) and just learning more about them. And it came to me, why can’t I do something like that? Can I do this for the Philippines?

For the past few years, I’ve been hearing God calling me to go back home to the Philippines to help my fellow countrymen… and women. But how? With what? I’m merely a near-broke college student who has recently discovered she LOVES spending money! Whether it’s for gifts, food or random objects for others and myself, (but mostly presents, I LOVE shopping for presents!) I just can’t seem to hang on to money that long! Even with a great part-time job, I still need something more. And finance is just the start of it!

I don’t know what to produce, I nearly failed my business management class last semester, and I get terrible headaches when I start counting in big numbers!

But I am inspired to start small. And I believe that was how Grace Bakes really started spinning. My mom and I have been talking about starting a baking business for years now, but I’ve never really been motivated. At the same time, I’m not really sure if I was prepared to get on the industry. So I’ve come up with a compromise. As of now, Grace Bakes is a funding project. It is an alternative to straight-forward fundraising (which I’m most likely even more terrible at) that will help me earn a little extra to save up for future mission trips to the Philippines. So as of this moment, it is NOT A BUSINESS!

I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do there, but I know I want to work with the Filipino youth and children, inspiring them to be the future leaders of our country. (Heck! We need more good leaders in our country!) And I hope that these future leaders will be responsible role models that will serve our country with integrity, dignity and excellence. 

I can’t change my country! I can’t do it alone for sure. But if I can help touch a life or two, perhaps they can! If I can inspire the young people of my country to work together, with pride, unity and faith in God, we can improve the lot of our nation. Poverty will decrease and genuine justice will occur. 

As my favorite saying goes, “You’ve got to start somewhere!” 

So here I am, inspired! Now I will start with what I have, with this. I hope and pray that I can do something some day. I’m not aiming for big! I don’t need something flashy. I already made peace with myself that I can barely be a part of any statistic, especially in in terms of mission work. I just need to start a change. And a change that can change lives, a whole country forever. 

Amazing what a pair of flats can do! 


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