15 Saturdays and 98 Posts Summer Challenge

Today would officially Saturday 1. By Saturday 15, I will be starting up the 24th year of my life AND my last semester in college. As the time period between now and then is my college summer vacation, I am devising a plan that aims to develop my personal growth and stop me from slacking off like a sloth during this upcoming break. 


  1. Post in ‘Wonders of Grace’ blog daily. There should be AT LEAST 65 Posts from now until the designated date
  2. Take 1 Picture a day. There should AT LEAST be 55 photos on this blog until the designated date  Though it’s only half way into the challenged, I’ve posted about 60 pictures on the blog already! 🙂
  3. Turn in Graduate School Application
  4. Turn in the first part of my research paper
  5. Finish reading Mentoring Paradigms by Edmund Chan 
  6. Finish reading the Psalms
  7. Paint something!
  8. Write a song (or at least lyrics to a song)  Or in other words, poetry… 🙂
  9. Write a short story
  10. Perfect 3 new recipes 
  11. Finish up and launch “Grace Bakes” blog
  12. Learn 15 Chinese phrases
  13. Learn how to Sew
  14. Learn how to Drive
  15. Hit weight target (which is a secret!)




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