Dancing People

The Filipino people live life unlike any other nationality I’ve met in my almost-20 years as a Third Culture Kid. We can laugh at the dumbest things. We can smile, despite of the disasters, hunger, poverty and sufferings that our country and people have faced. And we can sing any where, any time! We dance too!

Even our inmates do a great cover of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”!

As a blended culture, we have the passion of our Spanish heritage, and the tenacity of our Asian influence. We are a blessed people. 

Though Earth and the world can try to bring us down, Filipinos can still hang on because we have our faith in God, our trusts in our families, and our love for music. 

These basic principles are more or less the core of who we are as a people group. Though many can see them as our flaws, they are our strength. Without these cornerstones, it just wouldn’t be the same. We will merely be empty shells, trodden down by powerful waves beyond our control.

But thank God we’re not! We’re Filipinos, a dancing people!  


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