Thai Dessert Spread (Aug. 2010)

Hanging out with my friend, Momo is always a blast as we both love food, for different reasons altogether, but it’s a passion shared nontheless. For me, food is an array of indulgence, a mix of adventure that I can dig into and lose myself in. For Momo, Food is Art. She has an artistic, abstract outlook that fascinates me and definitely inspires me to look at food in an inner quality manner. Whereas she appreciates characteristics such as texture and balance, I just stuff it all in! Once she figures out and tell me what her form of food obsession is, I’ll let you know.

So I’m seriously NOT into Thai desserts, but Momo strongly appreciates Good Thai Sweets.

Since she’s only here in Chiang Mai for ‘Western Summers’ and thankfully Christmas, we try to make it a point to eat out, hang out and chill out at least once. I admit, Momo loves food more than I do! While I stick to the tried and true restos (I’m not that adventurous, sadly), eating out with her takes me all around Chiang Mai to experience all the different havens that serve varied menus of yumminy-goodness.

Since we didn’t have a plan as to how we’d spend the afternoon, we drove around town and stocked ourselves a selection of Thai Desserts (mostly for Momo) and Western yummies (for ME!!!). After our tasking (and filling excursion), we settled back to Momo’s house and enjoyed the food while watching  at least 4 episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S

The general spread of our afternoon…

“Teu Ka Koh’ –It’s apparently Chinese, at least in origin. It’s not exactly sweet. It’s more of a salty snack than a dessert.

That’s the Thai Donut on the Bottom Blue Plate. The only Thai Sweet I ate was the Stick Rice with ‘Sangkaya’ (can’t remember for the life of me what it meant) which is one the celophane container, next to the Banana leaves. Those banana leaves are wrapped around sweet sticky rice that’s wrapped around either bananas or sweet potatoes (oh yea! I ate one of that, too!). I can’t exactly remember what the small pastries were, but the green circular sweets are made out of layers of coconut milk and other yumminy-goodness that are not exactly the healthiest ingredients in the food chain. But it was good as I tried it. Momo lOvEd it!

My PLATE (not including the sticky rice sweets ^_^): Bitter Chocolate Macaroons (*drools*) and Raisin Scone (wasn’t really into the raisins, but Mo ate some of those for me)

It was definitely a nice relaxing afternoon. We were able to catch up with the random ongoings of our current (and contrasting) life. Just sitting down and talking is just a nice way to spend a cloudy afternoon. And of course, let’s not forget the selections of “pastries” we had! Talk about SWEET! If I really think about it, the best part of food is when you get to share it and the experience with close friends.


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