Romance Novel Addict

I utterly adore Romance Novels!!! Historicals are my current loves as these past few years, I can barely stomach modern romances. Lisa Kleypas and Julia Quinn are my undisputed favorites! I’d love to share my thoughts regarding their works. Other authors I would most likely touch on would be Teresa Medeiros, Suzanne Enoch, Sally Mackenzie, and Stephanie Laurens. I guess I always wanted to show a somewhat intellectual analysis on these types of books. So let’s see how this goes

But then again, am I capable of showing intellectual analysis?? o_0

That is the million dollar question! So first off, I’d just like to point out some observations regarding romance novels that irk me. Many “romances” nowadays, involve mysteries, murders, betrayals, and wars that deviates from the romance of the characters.

Yes, I understand that not all things are lovey-dovey, but many plots just seem to have these to fill up the pages. The main purpose for a romance novel, at least in my opinion, is to talk about the relationship (or the progression of a relationship) between two people. If you’re going to write about a quest/adventure/mystery that involves some romance between the main characters, don’t label it Romance! It’s better off known as a mystery or adventure novel.

Also, if anything, I read because I want to escape from the sadness, disappointments, and drama that goes in the ‘real’ world. Therefore, I expect it a romance novel to end happily, darn it! So I guess that’s why I’m ridiculously picky when it comes to my favs…


3 thoughts on “Romance Novel Addict

  1. Quite agree. My favourite romance novels are humorous. Psychologists say humour is a ket indicator as to whether a relationship will succeed or not.

    Although to ply Devlls Advocate, my favourite romance novel, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, is surrounded by a dark mystery, something horrific buried in the past of the man Jane meets…

    • That’s true. Humor is a vital factor in how one potentially handles relationships, platonic or otherwise.

      As for Jane Eyre, I read that ages ago, and it was pretty good! I guess I didn’t really know how to appreciate classical literature back then. Hmmmm… thanks for the idea! I guess I’ll be scrounging the bookstores for that book soon!

      That and if I remember it correctly, the mystery adds into the plot rather than having the plot wrapped around the mystery, if that makes any sense. ^_^

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