Ginger House

After a long debate as to where we’ll spend the afternoon, my friend Momo suggested the Ginger House, a quaint little restaurant inside the moat. I’ve noticed this small white establishment every time we drove by it, but I never gave it much thought. Actually, it wasn’t until we got there that I realized which resto she meant. So far, I think Ginger is a cross between a tea house, a cafe and a mini bar.

Much to our delight, they even serve morning food at 2 o’clock in the afternoon!!! (Yes, we absolutely LOVE Morning Food!!!) Despite their limited selections, it took us a great while to decide what we actually wanted. I couldn’t decide between the pancakes and the french toasts, while Momo was debating between the yogurt with just about everything else.

I finally decided on Plain Pancakes… so we could compare their pancakes with Smoothie Blues’ (Another Resto that I’m sure I’ll eventually talk about)

I thought it was quite fluffy! So it was good! Momo however, stated that it was denser than the ones at SB. Hmmm… guess that means I should be heading out that way soon then.

Momo decided on the Cinnamon French Toast and Earl Grey Tea

Speaking of drinks, I figured that it would be a waste to come to such an eclectic restaurant without trying some other stuff, specifically the drinks. No, I’m not so much into alcohol, but I do love trying out different cocktails on certain occassions. This one was, I believe, a rum-based Mango Cocktail and I can’t for the life of me, remember what they called it.

It was gOOd!!!

I wouldn’t say their food is the best I’ve had, but it was definitely worth the try.

Altogether, it was a nice afternoon, sitting around, chatting, catching up as we only see each other approximately twice a year. The resto’s  atmosphere was cozy and quite exotic (at least in terms of a Chiang Mai resident).

 As it is, I believed the money was more on the ambiance rather than the quality of food. But yea, it was partly because of the relaxing mood that got us to laze around for a couple of hours.

So henceforth, the Ginger House is a quaint little place that should be visited at least once if one is in Chiang Mai. The food is decent and of good quality, but I wouldn’t exactly count it as anything too great. The pricing, again, you’re paying for the unique ambiance. The place does have hints of the Thai Lanna styles, but I’d say the South Asian: Bali/Indian influence is stronger. One must note that the Ginger House is more of a Western restaurant than it is Thai. But they do serve a varied mix of authentic Thai dishes (kinda overpriced, in my opinion) and some fusion Thai cuisines.

Would I go again??? Probably! I’d say it would be something new I’d show my mom.


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