Hello world!


It all started with Food. I’ve been over-using and over-reading my cookbooks for the past few weeks now that I realized I’d love to write and share about my thoughts on one of my favorite topics.

Other things that I would most likely talk about here would be my favorite Romance novels and their authors, Table Settings and Party Planning (no, I’m not good at hosting them, just like to do them for fun), Photography (I’m working on that too) and perhaps culturally-motivated topics (prolly the only thing I’m sure I could figure out).

As it is, I’ve decided to go around and test out different blog sites and see which could fit me best (which in other words mean: the easiest one to use).

So hopefully, I could get a hang of this and y’all can get to know me as I figure this all out as I go.

FYI: I’m NOT a chef, a caterer, a food critic, an author, an event planner or photographer! I’d love to be one of those some day, if not ALL of them! But as they say, you got to start somewhere. I hope this blog could get me started. This is gonna be FUN!!! at least I hope it would be!





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